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Professional Guidance to Resolve Query: How to Remove NSF Security!

IBM Lotus Notes is an email client used by millions of users worldwide. It offers a collaborative set of features and integrated environment for users to work collectively towards the smooth functioning ofthe organization. All mailbox items like emails, calendars, journals and tasks get saved inthe NSF file and contacts get stored in Names.nsf file in Lotus Notes. The most popular feature of Lotus Notes is ACL using which the administrator of NSF file can protect NSF file with local security. This restricts unauthorized users to access database stored in the Lotus Notes directory. With the help ofthis ACL feature, Notes decide to provide levels of access to the particular Notes database. It defines the level of access perform by user on Notes database.

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Brief on ACL and Its Implications!

The access control list can be only applied to Notes database when these are stored on the Domino Server. It cannot be applied to database those are stored locally on system of the user. If you have made any changes to the local Notes database and copy it to the server, it will automatically detect the level of access you have on databases. For example, if you have Reader access rights on NSF file, and you add some new files to local NSF file, then in such case newly added files will not get added to the database when these files get replicated with the server again. Only the administrator of the database has rights to access or assign permissions on Notes database, others are not allowed to perform any functions on NSF file.

What IF The Administrator Of The NSF File Is Not Available?

Although, Protecting NSF file with local security is useful in some scenarios, but it becomes a hectic task for users to remove it when admin is not available. In the absence of the admin of NSF file, users are not allowed to access Notes database. If they try to open NSF file it prompts error message on the computer screenfor user stating "You are not authorized to perform this function". In such cases only option left to them is acquire a professional help to remove local security from NSF file to access its contents.

How to Remove NSF Security?

If you are looking for a professional technique to Remove Local Security from NSF Files, then NSF Security Removal Tool is the perfect solution for you. The help to remove local security from Notes NSF files without damaging the original integrity of files. The tool does not possess any size limitation over NSF files; users can remove security from NSF file of any size without facing any technical issues.

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